Quality Iron Castings Since 1937.

Rochester Metal Products Corp. has been producing quality gray and ductile iron castings since 1937. Our 250,000 square foot facility is designed to serve a wide range of casting requirements from a quarter pound to 60 pounds.

Our Capabilities

Tooling and Design

At RMP, we take pride in offering expert craftsmanship using the latest technologies to design and construct all of the tools used in our casting process.

Induction Melting

RMP uses induction melting — a cost-effective and energy-efficient process for melting metal.

Core Making

Cores are solid forms — usually made of sand — that are used to shape the internal cavities of castings.


Casting finishing is the process of taking cooled, molded castings and preparing them for use by RMP customers.

Industries Served

No matter your industry or your need, RMP can make it.

  • Agriculture

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Diesel Engines

  • Energy

  • Heavy Truck

  • Hydraulic

  • Industrial

  • Marine

  • Pump & Valve

  • Rail

  • Recreational

See First Hand

Fly through our 250,000 square foot facility and see first hand how RMP team members melt, produce cores, mold and finish. As you travel through the departments, you will be assured RMP produces the highest quality castings for your products.